**Due to the nature of this craft and to uphold our motto of uniquely designed crystal jewelry, jewelry sets may vary in design**


A photo of the style you will receive can be emailed to you for review, any desired changes can be made!


Metaphysical Properties


Spiritual: Connecting to Divine Love/Consciousness


Emotional: Emotional healing/strength Forgiveness Attract Love Restores trust/harmony in relationships; Releases pent up emotions/grief Opens heart at all levels to promote love, self love, friendships, deep inner healing, feelings of peaceIncrease self esteem Clears out jealousy/anger/resentment of others


Physical: Heals thymus, heart, and lungs; Aids the circulatory system Helps with breast cancer Promotes youthful complexion Eases problems with sexual frustration Balances sex drive

Rose Quartz Jewelry Set