There is something magical about someone divinely accessorized with crystals. They have an illuminated presence, oozing regality and prestige. We encourage you to divinely accessorize yourself and/or space with our pieces. Check out our beautifully, handcrafted earrings, bracelets, rings, waistbeads and keychains below! For custom orders, please visit "Custom Orders" Page to input request.



Nice, delicate way to adorn self with crystals. From simple to decorative designs, there's a style for everyone!

Keychains/Car Charms

Even if you do not want to wear crystals, you can still have their energy in your space with these lovely keychains!



Crystals are carefully chosen based on their complimentary energies, zodiac representation, and specific intentions (ie: protection, love, prosperity). We have Unisex bracelets, as well as, King and Queen bracelets. The King bracelets are filled with richly colored, chunky beads. The Queen bracelets are elegantly designed to exude feminine energy. PLEASE DO NOT FEEL LIMITED TO PICKING KING IF YOU ARE MALE AND VICE VERSA, I KNOW WOMEN THAT LOVE A CHUNKY LOOK...ALL OF THESE REALISTICALLY ARE UNISEX!!!


Age old African Tradition making its way into Mainstream. These are worn as a symbol of womanhood, fertility, wealth, protection, and spirituality. Additionally, the colors coincide with specific intentions, such as but not limited to, optimism, confidence, clarity, prosperity, purity, sexual energy, practicality, etc!



Another great way for simplistic adornment of crystals. Don't be fooled by the picture, to all my Studs Lovers, you are represented! Dangling earrings and Hoops are also available!