Sandra's Divine Gems

Who We Are

Sandra's Divine Gems LLC is a Black Owned, Mother-Daughter Business. We specialize in handcrafting uniquely designed crystal jewelry that is spiritually charged. Our Motto is "Crystal Jewelry that is Stylish and Heals!" 
We create our own pieces that are for sale, but we absolutely love and welcome custom orders. We do it all: waist beads, bracelets, loc/hair jewelry, wrapped crystal necklaces, rings, earrings, and anything else you want us to bring to life!

How it started

Sandra has always been fascinated with crafting items as a creative, therapeutic outlet. From sewing clothes for her children to creating household decorations, it was pure bliss. Once she learned about the benefits of crystals, she dived into handcrafting crystal jewelry. She mainly made jewelry for herself and her daughter. After continuous compliments on her creations, her daughter finally encouraged her to make this into a business. Thus on January 27, 2020 Sandra's Divine Gems was birthed. On April 21, 2020 Sandra's Divine Gems LLC was made official. Now Sandra and her daughter, Leah, handcraft beautiful crystal jewelry with a divine touch.


To promote spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

About the products

Each jewelry piece is handcrafted with unique designs, infused with love and positivity. We make sure to balance our energetic field so only high vibrational energy is placed in these creations. Nonetheless, after the jewelry is made, we cleanse with sage and rosemary. Afterwards, we charge the crystals in sunlight or under the moonlight (especially if there is a Full or New Moon). This is to ensure once you receive your jewelry, it is vibrating at its maximum ability, ready to amplify your intentions.